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1988 BMW 325is e30 5-speed Coupe

May 10th, 2010 · Uncategorized

This BMW 325is is a very good example of what makes the e30 the great car that it is. The seller claims its brilliant red paint is all original. The black leather interior appears to be in very good shape. The red on black color scheme is classic. The 5-speed manual transmission makes it extra fun to drive.

The seller gives a detailed description of this e30. I especially like the fact that he provides around 100 photos of it, many of them close-up. He also includes a video that gives the viewer a sense of its ride quality. He claims that the previous two owners were BMW Car Club of America members, meaning they were enthusiasts who hopefully cared enough to take better care of the car.

The 1988 325is is one of my favorite model years with projector headlights, larger taillights and substantial aluminum bumpers. The seller invites you to call and ask any questions you may have about this e30. As always, have it thoroughly checked by an independent and certified BMW mechanic. Though the seller’s price is slightly higher than the average for this car, it may well be worth the asking price if it shows as nicely as he describes it. 

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1985 BMW 325e 1-owner 5-speed Coupe in CA

April 28th, 2010 · Uncategorized

This is an amazing car! It’s a one-owner e30 with relatively low mileage. The white paint looks immaculate and the black leather interior is superb. According to the owner the body is rust free and has experienced no accidents. He says he has extensive service records and that this 325e has been dealer maintained.

This is the first one-owner e30 I have seen in a long while. The fact that the owner has kept receipts and had it serviced at the BMW dealer means that the car should be in excellent condition. I am very impressed by how healthy the interior looks. If this BMW is as nice as it seems to be, someone is going to enjoy this little joy for a long time to come.

Give the owner a call. He provides his phone number. Have it checked by a certified BMW mechanic. This just may be one of those rare finds that we bimmerheads are always hoping for!

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1986 BMW 325 5-speed with only 31K in MA

April 25th, 2010 · Uncategorized

It’s fun to find a low-mileage e30 like this one. According to the current owner, this BMW 325 spent 19 years in storage before he bought it with only 25K on it. What a thrill it must have been when he was presented with the opportunity to buy such a pristine example. As you can imagine, the body and upholstery are gorgeous on this e30. There have been no accidents, repaints or cosmetic repairs of any kind.

Now, how about the mechanics? It sounds like the seller has done his homework. The starter, battery, fuel pump, hoses, brakes, exhaust and tires have all been replaced. He claims the underside of the BMW is clean and free of rust.

This is one of those rare finds each of us e30 lover’s dream about. Have it checked thoroughly by a certified BMW technician to make sure there are no hidden surprises. After due diligence, make an offer and hope for the best. You just may have an incredible find on your hands.

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1987 BMW 325is 5-speed with only 78,500 miles

April 22nd, 2010 · Uncategorized

This is exactly the car I have been looking for. While I would like to have an e30 M3 as part of my collection, this is the BMW that I want as my daily driver. The fact that this example only has 78K miles on it makes it especially sweet. Let’s hope it has been well taken care of so one of us bimmerheads can enjoy the rest of its long life!

From what I can tell, this e30 appears to be in good shape. The owner, who is a dealer, claims it has only had two previous owners. The eBay Vehicle History Report affirms the low mileage on the car and indicates there have been no major accidents. However, since the car appears to have spent the majority of its life in snow country, I would check it very closely for rust and underbody deteriorization.

The body looks straight and the leather upholstery looks good. The owner’s description leads me to believe that this 325is is mostly original. The wheels may have been upgraded from the OEM bottlecaps, but it may be that these were an option for the “is” model. Have this little beauty checked by an independent and certified mechanic. If you get a clean bill of health, go for it! This is a prime example of what makes the BMW e30 so great!

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1987 BMW 325ic e30 5-speed in Denver

April 19th, 2010 · Uncategorized

This just might be my favorite color combination: Alpine white with blood red leather interior. My friend has one just like it in an “is” model. I drool over it regularly when I see him at “car night.” But that’s another story.

This is yet another summer pleaser. The owner says this e30 convertible is in great condition, always garaged and has no cracks in the dash. Needless to say I’ve seen more thorough descriptions of a car’s condition in my life. But hey, the owner invites us to call him for more information. This I would highly recommend.

While you are on the phone with him, please ask the owner about the car’s top. Does it have one? What color is it? And what condition is it in? Most importantly, have the whole car checked by a certified mechanic. It really is a good looking BMW. I hope it turns out to be worth the reasonable asking price!

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1991BMW 325ic Burgundy Automatic in CA

April 17th, 2010 · Uncategorized

This is a great looking e30 with relatively low mileage. I love the burgundy on tan color scheme. The 104,000 miles mean over half of this BMW’s life is yet to come. With an automatic transmission, it’s perfect for cruising top-down on the boulevard this summer.

The owner claims this e30 is in very good condition with a relatively new convertible top, updated air conditioner, nice dash and upholstery and no rust. It’s a non-smoker car and has a favorable eBay Vehicle History Report. According to the report, this 325ic has only had two owners.

No phone number is listed in the ad, but the owner encourages potential buyers to contact him through eBay and ask any questions. Be sure to have an independent and certified mechanic check it thoroughly. If all is well, this e30 convertible could make you one of the most popular people on your block this summer.

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1991 BMW 318i 5-speed Sedan in Indianapolis

April 16th, 2010 · Uncategorized

I have a number of readers who are quite fond of these four-cylinder 5-speed e30’s. They are both sporty and economical at the same time. This one has spent its entire life in Indiana and has only 127,000 miles on the odometer. The red on tan with leather is a very popular combination.

The owner claims his BMW is in “mint” condition. That might be a little bit of a stretch, but it does appear to be in good shape. He says it has good tires, new front brakes and a new cat-back exhaust. He says the leather seats have no rips or cracks in them. The air conditioner needs attention. Apparently there is no belt going to the compressor, so anything could be wrong with the AC system.

Since this is an Indiana car I have some concern about rust. The seller says there is no rust and that the bottom of the car is “rubberized.” I’m not sure what that means and I would still check it closely for deteriorization. But I still like the car and would love to take it for a test drive. Let an authorized mechanic go over it and give it his blessings. Then, have at it!

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1986 BMW 325e Automatic Coupe in Saint Louis

April 14th, 2010 · Uncategorized

This is a very nice looking e30 in Missouri. In his description of the car, the seller claims it is an “es” model, but alas it is not. It has standard seats and no On Board Computer. But that doesn’t discourage me because it still appears to be in good condition.

The owner says that the only problem with his car is a missing fog light and a non functioning driver’s side electric window. In the scheme of things, these are very minor issues. According to the eBay Vehicle History Report, there have been no major accidents and the mileage is true. Apparently there have only been two owners of this BMW.

I especially like the red and tan color scheme. The condition of the interior is very nice from what I can see. Though the “eta” engine has less top-end horsepower than the “i” series engine, it has lots of low end torque and gets better gas mileage. Have this e30 checked by a reputable mechanic. This no-reserve auction just may present you with a good looking and affordable BMW!

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1990 BMW 325i Automatic Coupe in Tampa

April 12th, 2010 · Uncategorized

This e30 appears to be the perfect daily driver. The body is in very good condition and the interior looks to be even better. The black and tan combination looks rich and distinguished. The seats appear to have no rips or tears. There appear to be no serious dents or scratches on the shiny black exterior. Someone has either restored or taken very good care of this car.

The seller of the car is a dealer and speaks with the usual hype:

MUST SEE! New brakes, new timing belt, new water pump, new battery, BBS wheels, 4 new tires, new valve cover gasket, new rack & pinion, all belts Non-smoker, Power everything, FLORIDA CAR, Low mileage, Looks & runs great, Fully loaded, Power everything, Runs & drives great, Upgraded sound system, Well maintained and always garaged. If you are looking for a perfect E30 THIS IS IT. No dent or scratched clean inside and out (original interior is like brand new).

The good news is that there is a phone number with which to reach the seller of this e30. Give him a call and ask all the necessary questions. Be sure to have the car inspected by an independent and certified BMW mechanic. If I lived in the Sunny State, I’d be on my way for a test drive today!

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1988 BMW 325ic 5-speed in North Carolina

April 10th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Here’s another summertime top-down temptation. This reasonably priced e30 has everything you need to look good while enjoying the open air. The red on tan with black top is a great combination to catch all of the second-looks your ego desires.

The seller doesn’t offer a whole lot of specific information about the car. He says it has good tires and a new clutch. The interior and top are in good condition. But the red paint has some fade, which is not unusual for an e30 of this age.

There are a lot of questions I would ask about this little BMW. I would want to know about its service records, its timing chain and water pump replacements, its cooling system’s condition, its suspension updates, and the state of its air conditioning and exhaust systems. The good thing is the seller of this e30 lists two phone numbers where one can ask just these questions. As always, have it checked out by a reputable mechanic. If all is well, let the good times roll!

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